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Sewer Repair In Kirkland

Sewer pipe repair, inspection, and cleaning services can be some of the most important services a plumbing company can provide. Sewer line problems can be stressful, as they can cause a major disruption to your household, along with odors, clogs, water backups. It’s essential to have a trained professional assess your sewer line issue to determine the best course of action.

Signs of a problem


As mentioned above, odors can be one of the first signs of a sewer line problem. Also, if using a fixture in one part of your home causes a backup somewhere else, gurgling toilet, sewer back-up into the shower,  or regular clog treatments aren’t working, these are all possible signs of a sewer line problem.

What we can do

We will assess the source of the problem. If you live on a property with large trees, the roots can cause damage to your sewer pipes. In addition, pipes can simply become rusty and deteriorate over time, creating leaks and cracks. Finally, debris or grease can build up in the pipes, creating a clog. Once we’ve pinpointed your problem, we’ll recommend the best course of action – repair, replacement, or cleaning.

For more information about Frank Yousefian’s extensive experience, education, and training, please refer to our About page.

We provide plumbing services in Washington state including Issaquah, Sammamish, Redmond, Woodinville, and Bellevue.

When Should I Have My Sewer Line Inspected?


  1. Before buying a new home, you should rule out any sewer line repairs needed as part of the inspection process.

  2. If your home is more than 15 years old and you haven’t had an inspection recently, it’s time to book one.

  3. If you have a property with many large trees, you should book a sewer line inspection to ensure the roots aren’t damaging your pipes.

  4. If your new home warranty is about to expire. Have an inspection so that any costs will still be covered by your warranty.

  5. If you’re selling your home. Avoid any surprises during the negotiation process by addressing any issues yourself.

At RooterPal, there are no financial surprises. Our estimates are free, and we give you the price up front – no hidden fees. And thanks to our low overhead, we charge our customers 30% less than the big, national companies.

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