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Plumbing Repair In Kirkland


As homeowners, properly maintained pipes are a necessity to keep our daily lives running smoothly, and often, they go largely unnoticed unless there is a problem. Along with our emergency plumbing services, we specialize in repair and replacement of the pipes and fixtures in your home to protect you from the damage and disruption that leaks can create.


Whether it is regular preventative plumbing service or an emergency plumbing repair, we are experts in assessing common plumbing problems from leaking pipes to cracks, blockages, and corrosion that, if unaddressed, can result in water damage. This may go on to create structural problems and damage to the foundation of your home. It can also lead to a buildup of unhealthy mold and mildew. Finally, it may affect the value of your home when it comes to resale down the road.

Replacement vs. repair

The longevity of your pipes is dependent on many factors, including what materials they are made of, whether they are insulated, and the quality of the water. A trained plumber can determine whether the pipes can be repaired, or whether the damage warrants replacement, which may be more cost-effective if future repairs can be avoided. A telltale sign that your pipes are disintegrating is a brown discoloration in your water. If you’re doing a renovation and opening up walls, that’s a great time to assess whether replacement is needed.


Do I really need a professional?

Not sure if you need a plumbing company? Because water damage is such a serious issue, prevention is key. In the case where some damage has already occurred, it is paramount that the issue is quickly and thoroughly controlled. This requires a skilled, experienced residential plumber, and is not a time for do-it-yourself fixes or assessment by an untrained individual. Calling a local plumbing service company will save you money in the long run, as it will be done right the first time, and you will also receive invaluable advice on protecting your home from future incidents.


For more information about Frank Yousefian’s extensive experience, education, and training, please refer to our About page.

We provide plumbing services in Washington state including Issaquah, Sammamish, Redmond, Woodinville, and Bellevue.


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RooterPal Tips: 4 Questions to Ask Your Plumber

1. Are you licensed?


Never assume that a plumber is licensed. Always ask and never let someone work on your home unless they have proper, up-to-date licensing. A licensed plumber will have the experience and training to properly address the most serious plumbing issues they may encounter.


2. What is the total cost of this service?


When you hire a plumber, they should be up front with the costs, with no hidden surprises. Beware of a plumber who is hesitant to give you a price before proceeding on the work or is vague about costs. A plumber with integrity will understand your need to have this information.


3. What kind of warranty to do you offer?


A plumber should be able to guarantee their work and/or parts for a certain period of time, and a homeowner should clearly understand what kind of warranty or guarantee they are entitled to. Your plumber should be able to provide this information.


4. Can you explain the cause of the issue?


Your plumber should take the time to explain the plumbing issue to you, outline the different repair or replacement options and associated cost, as well as educating you about maintenance you may want to do to prevent further problems.

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