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Water Leaks

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

A water leak can be a nuisance, we would like to share a few things with you which could be helpful in finding a possible leak or shutting down the water in case of a sudden pipe burst.

1) Main water shut-off valve

Find out where your main water shut-off valve is located inside the home and operate the valve to make sure it is capable of turning the water completely off, some shut-off valves fail to turn the water off completely after many years in service.

2) Angle stop valves

There are small shut off valves under every sink and behind every toilet called angle-stops, you can safely and quickly turn the water off to any fixture by using the angle stop to which it is connected, make sure the angle stops are in good operating condition, and able to turn the water off without starting to leak, multi-turn angle stops tend to leak from around the stem if they are old and seals are dried up.

3) Know your water usage

By knowing how much water you use every month is very helpful, a spike in the water bill could be an indication of a water leak.

4) Check the water pressure at your house

You can purchase a water pressure gauge from any hardware store for under $15 and connect it to an outside hose-bib, the safe water pressure range is between 15 psi to 80 psi, if the house water pressure is exceeding 80 psi, a pressure regulator valve needs to be installed on the water line to bring the pressure within the acceptable range.


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