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Frozen outside Hose-bibs

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Frozen and burst hose bibs are a very common issue after a serious freezing season. the worst part is that a burst hose bib will not leak until homeowners start to use it and by the time the leak is noticeable it is too late and there will most likely be water damage to the house because the body of the hose bib will leak inside the wall or crawlspace while providing water the way it should.

Tips to prevent hose-bib freeze burst

1- Remove the garden hose from the hose-bib before the freezing season, doing this will let the hose-bib drain out and will not freeze.

2- In some newer homes there is a winterizing valve inside the home ( most likely in the garage) please make sure to turn the valve off, and drain it if it has a drain port, then go outside and turn on the hose-bib and let it drain out.

3- cover the Hose-bib with a foam cover.

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